Zegami Men - Tie Clips
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Zegami Men - Tie Clips "Sword"

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Premium tie clips, our own zeuslegacylife.com design & brand.

Solid, beautiful & classy tie clip for extra addition to your tie.

Comes with the box.

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4 to 10 Business Days

General Description of our products: My products are extremely unique and I don't charge an arm a leg for them. I wear my product for work 5 days a week, I am confident in the quality. Get a free pair of socks with any order. Return Policy: - If you don't like the item because it's not as described, quality, colour or any other legit reason, I will happily accept your return. Within 2 weeks upon receiving the item. Feel free to visit my instagram: @zeuslegacylife I also have a tiktok if you'd like to get to know me more @zegamimen.